Thursday, 23 June 2011

Move over mandolin the Microplane is here!

I know this is not a recipe but it is food related and I have to share. I have just had one of the best zesting experiences of my life.

In the past if a recipe called for zesting, let’s say a lemon,  I would either grate the lemon skin in or peel it and chop it finely. All of these would suffice , but deep down i knew the consistency wasn’t quite right.

Then the other day my girlfriend (Jemima) and I were taking a stroll down the isles of one of my favourite homeware stores and she picked up a  Microplane zester, looked at it lovingly, contemplated purchasing it and then put it down claiming that she didn’t need another Microplane.

The irony of this whole experience is that we were shopping for a mandolin that I told her she simply needed to have in the kitchen so when she exhibited her love for this ‘grater’ I had to give it a go. Truth be told, I purchased it a couple of weeks ago, put it in the draw and didn’t think anything of it. Then when my recipe called for the zest of one lemon, I remembered this strange stick like device that I had in the draw and decided to give it a go.

It is hard to say what my favourite thing is about the Microplane. It is really an experience that you need to have for yourself, but I will tell you this, as soon as I zested my lemon, I went straight to the fridge and cupboards and proceeded to find anything I can zest (an orange, some nutmeg and a piece of ginger).

Turn of your computer and immediately go out and buy one of these.

Tomorrow I am heading back to the homeware store to purchase the ‘medium ribbon’ and ‘extra course’ Microplanes. 

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